I Choose You

Suddenly I See  

Suddenly I See  


You might be wondering how an author comes up with an idea, develops a plot, picks character names, etc. The next few blog posts are going to give you some insight into the “method to my madness.”


In the story, there is a moment when Leo sees an injustice on the playground and realizes that he has the power to change the situation. This is depicted by the line “with my laser eyes suddenly I see not letting Sam play with us is just plain mean.”


I chose this boy character’s name for this very moment. This is when Leo becomes brave and with the boldness of a lion’s roar, he says, “ I choose you.”  


Three words have the power to change someone’s day. No, these three words have the power to change someone’s life. To be chosen to belong to a group of friends, a club, a team, a community, a family- isn’t it a deep longing of all individuals to belong?  


Leo teaches us all to look around and notice the people in our lives who need those three words. Let’s all open our “laser eyes” and change a life today by telling someone “I choose you!”  Leo has grit.  Do not quit. Have Grit!